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Fencing & Maintenance

Pressure Washing Service


Our pressure washing service specialises in block paving restoration, we can clean and restore your paving like it was when it was new, we offer a full cleaning, re-sand and sealing service . we also clean paving slabs and concrete areas.


Timber decking looks fantastic when it's first layed, but it soon becomes covered in dirt and green algae. We can clean and treat the decking to remove all the dirt and algae, we also offer a sealing service to further protect your investment.


Garden Patios can be very expensive, they can also get very dirty, no one wants an ugly dirty patio in the summer, we offer a full cleaning and sealing service to help restore and protect your patio.


Different types of nozzle are available for different application. Some nozzles create a water jet that is in a triangular plane (fan pattern), others emit a thin jet of water that spirals around rapidly (cone pattern). Nozzles that deliver a higher flow rate lower the output pressure. Most nozzles attach directly to the trigger gun.


Some washers, with an appropriate nozzle, allow detergent to be introduced into the water stream, assisting in the cleaning process. Two types of chemical injectors are available — a high-pressure injector that introduces the chemical after the water leaves the pump (a downstream injector) and a low-pressure injector that introduces the chemical before water enters the pump (an upstream injector). The type of injector used is related to the type of detergent used, as there are many chemicals that will damage a pump if an upstream injector is used.


Washers are dangerous tools and should be operated with due regard to safety instructions. The water pressure near the nozzle is powerful enough to strip flesh from bone. Particles in the water supply are ejected from the nozzle at great velocities. The cleaning process can propel objects dislodged from the surface being cleaned, also at great velocities. Pressure washers have a tendency to break up tarmac if aimed directly at it, due to high-pressure water entering cracks and voids in the surface.


Our pressure washing units are fully mobile and are able to carry water if required, we can clean a variety of hard surfaces and will always check the surface first to make sure it is suitable for the cleaning process.


Commercial Cleaning


Our commercial exterior cleaning service, can range from roof cleaning and building cleaning to car park cleaning and forecourt cleaning, we know over time that buildings and surfaces can get very dirty so we offer a full commercial cleaning service.


Why Have the outside of your business cleaned?



We belive it's important for a business to look smart and clean to attract customer in, we belive that first impressions do really count.


The other reason to have the outside surfaces cleaned is for safety reasons, dirty slippery surfaces can be dangerous and to prevent accidents from happening we can recommend a regular cleaning program.  


We use the latest equipment including rotary surface cleaners and industrial pressure washers, and using a combination of high and low pressure with tried and tested environmentally friendly chemicals we get the job done.


High reach poles and telescopic guns are used with powered access lifts if required to carry of the works.


The vans are all sign written and staff are all in uniform, vans are completely mobile and have the ability to carry water.


All work can be undertaken out of hours to minimise disruption to you business.


Soft Wash Cleaning


Soft-washing is a low pressure cleaning process which uses an environmentally friendly, cleaning solution specially blended for each individual project. The cleaning solution is applied at low pressure that, unlike some power washing techniques, will not hurt or damage painted surfaces, stonework, wood, guttering or roof tiles.


The soft wash process aims not only to clean your roof, walls, patios and other surfaces but also to remove contaminants such as algae, molds, mildews and bacteria that are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. It is the power of chemistry that makes the soft-wash process so effective.


Some surfaces will require some additional pressure to get the maximum cleaning effect. Should this be the case, Softwash South West can also apply the latest in pressure washing techniques to complete the job!


Soft-washing is.


The best solution for cleaning modern exterior renders, natural slate roofs and concrete slate roofs. You’ll notice fast, predictable results without damaging the surface. And those results can last for years.


A cost-effective way to clean and restore brick drives and concrete paths to their former glory. It can take a few months to restore the surface but once restored, a light annual treatment will keep your drives and paths looking great.


Power-washing is …

A way to get immediate results that look good – but only for a short time. Fortunately, applying biocidal wash after power washing will kill off the remaining spores, helping to give much longer lasting results. The possible harm that power washing can do to certain more delicate materials – Indian Sandstone for example – needs to be considered. So if you hire a power wash contractor it’s wise to ask them to use the lowest possible pressure, as well as having them post treat with a biocidal wash.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning Service


We offer a complete hassel free cleaning & restoration service covering the somerset area, not only to enhance the look of the property, but bring the property back to its former glory, we use the latest specialist equipment and quaility products which means we can offer our services to small and large contracts.


Regular Maintenance programs or one off cleans are available

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